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“Bug fixes”

Update won’t let me move my notes around in the order I need

A fun App

Love this app. It allows me to be creative with notes and notebooks.

Great for work and organization

I’ve carried a notebook around for 15 years at work. But I won’t do that anymore. This app is everything I could ask for with keeping myself organized. I like to write down the projects I’m working on and then have sub-bullets for each task I need to complete. This app allows me to do that and then transfer everything over to a “completed” notebook so I can reference them later if needed. You can setup your notebooks however you’d like. I highly recommend this app for anyone who carries around a paper notebook and is looking to transition to their mobile device.


Love LoveLove this app! So easy to keep things organized!

Incredibly useful

I use this app for all kinds of things; recipes, book of shadows, contacts, tax documents, passwords, etc. It’s incredibly fun and easy to use.🙏🏻

Great application

Everything is really secure. That’s what I like haha

Files on Apple Watch

This app works well, not able to see “notecard” of any pdf or xcl file on Apple Watch. Would like to be able to view a document on the watch so that way I could leave my phone down. Add that and it’s perfect.

Amazing App!

So simple to use, SO convenient. There are various types of lists to choose from and beautiful colors for coordinating the lists. Honestly such a great app, AND IT’S FREE! Try it out for to-do lists, recipes, memories, etc.

Love it!

Helps me in so many ways!

Perfect. Seriously.

Really surprised this is free. The layout is beautiful and so well put together. Normally you’d have to pay money for something this good. THANK YOU!!!!

Great app

It is a great app to write things about were your kids can’t get in until they find out your password and they have very cool colors and backgrounds and things to change and you can make as many notebooks as you want

Good feature, Good UI

I just want it to be more faster like a native system app!

Great app including voice note.

So far good.

Could be a great app but it’s NOT!

At first appearance this appears to be a great app but then, when you are saving different notes to folders, it takes a while to figure out how to even move the notes folders/notebooks. Once the folders have been moved to the notebook of choice, after a few minutes when you go back into that notebook, all the files are gone.

Love this App!

One of the best free apps I’ve ever used. They even fixed a small issue I had w the app! Couldn’t be happier! Thanks guys 😊

Higher level note taking

I will keep this short and sweet but this is hands down the BEST note app out there! It fit my needs more perfectly than I could EVER imagine, thank you developers!!

good but

could you show the title of locked notes?

Note App

I like the looks of this app . I just got it and so far it’s working great for me. Love to be able to scan a handwritten note into it too. Looks like it’s a keeper.

Officially my Evernote replacement

As long as Zoho continues to add new features and increase syncing stability, this app is going to go places. I love it so far.

Best note taking app for iOS and Android

And also available on Mac. Great app. Easy and a joy to use. I can change pictures of folders and put my own (in Android and Mac version).


I can’t get my notes to go from my 6s plus iPhone to my iPad mini

Really helps with...everything

I get hundreds of ideas every day. Anything from new meals to cook for my family to a new color scheme for my bedroom. I am always looking for ways to remember things and this app is it. I considered carrying around a notebook and pen everywhere so I could jot down ideas as they came, but let's be realistic...not gonna happen. I'm a visual person and I always wished there was an easier way to organize my thoughts without having to physicallywrite it down all the time. This app is exactly what I was looking for. I can save pictures, lists, doodles, etc. all in one place. If you think this is the same as using the generic notepad your phone comes with, think again. You NEED this!!

Great for Organizing

I love the versatility of this app for short checklist and in-depth notetaking!


The popups are gone. Back to being the best app ever.


This app is just amazing. All the personal customization has blown me away. I got so frustrated with Apple Notes and Microsoft OneNote and I am SO glad I found this. It’s so functional and easy to use. I’m having a lot of fun organizing my over-active mind with this!!!

Can’t take notes on watch S0

Works great in the iPhone six S plus, but crashes on Apple Watch series zero running watchOS 4.3, either immediately on app launch, or a few seconds later, after tapping a button. I am unable to take notes. It’s a shame that Apple made their watch so unstable and difficult to program, because the feature list for Zoho Notes sounds like it would be great, if only it worked.

All Love

This app offers so much creative freedom. I love being able to customize my notecards color and add my own photos to notebook covers. I love the colors. Thank you!!!

Notebook covers?

App is amazing, but it would be nice to be able to change to the book covers to an image of our own.

❤️ Wow, just WOW ❤️

So I have been looking around for an app the is similar to a real notebook (love notebook style but prefer to type) and is able to have multiple notebooks for personal journals, travel, school, and church. This app is as close to perfection as you can get! I love the idea of having a notebook that you can categorize within it. And the cover are so cute!! I don’t think you can get an app better than this one! ❤️❤️❤️

Great but needs lined notes

Would be great if we could get the feature to add lines to our notes like on lined paper

Love it

Great app i like it . I use everyday. Very helpfull ,

So easy ❤️ it

This is my favorite notes app by far. Simple, easy to use. Love the ability to add files. Very easy to read and see what I have available.

Iov love


Updated Review

The app is now working on the iPad. The app is great but I gave it 3 stars before. Now it works on everything every bit of 5 stars


Love this app. Only thing I wish is that it had more fonts to choose from and paper settings. Like making the notes look like notebook paper options

It was great until it DELETED all my notebooks

It did so when I signed up for the the zoho account for cloud syncing, sooo much work ... gone forever.

Too many glitches

You can’t edit what you’ve already written. Every time you save something it gets blurrier and blurrier. Not easy to organize. Pretty much useless after a while. This needs more than just a fix of the glitches, this app needs a complete overhaul.

I love

Literally does all you need, notes , tasks, attach files, photos etc. actually does what it promises and it’s free! Also you can lock with Touch ID I love it !


Colorful and individualized. Fun. Great for business building!


Totally love this app but I found myself needing video support. Hey ZOHO would it be possible to add video files in the next update?

Great App! Beautiful Design

I love the interface and experience I get from using this app

This is a keeper

I’ve tried several note pads, this is the best one that I have found. It leaves nothing to be desired.

One thing missing

The searchable text converted from an audio note is an amazing feature that I find very useful, However I still need another app to do OCR for the scanned documents, if this feature will be added to the app will make it my all in one app!


Superb! Swift Easy ‘WORKS’ Rewards to the Design/Coders Owners ...profit back you do” Well done

Wow amazing



Has a clean, simple layout all while being professional-looking and neat. Very efficient, with many possible uses! Definitely recommend.

Fun notebook to use

I've been looking for an alternative to Evernote. Evernote has been getting very buggy over the last year or so, sometimes hardly usable.

Something went wrong

This app has been pretty good for me since I downloaded it, but all of the sudden out of no where, most of my notes were deleted off, and I don’t know why. And when I try to write something, the text starts acting up. I don’t know what went wrong, but I hope it can be fixed

Good, but some glitches...

It's a really good app that is well-organized but there is this glitvh that bothers me. You know that long tab that is on top of the keyboard? It has this symbol of the letter 'A' that would allow you to bold, underline and italicize your words but recently when I clicked on it, it wouldn't show the black tab that usually does with those options I mentioned. I exited the app and found that the black tab appeared *outside* of the note. I restarted it but nothing worked. Help!!


I can’t delete a note, I press delete and it says are you sure you want to delete this note? I press delete. The note is still there. I press delete again app closes.

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