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I love Notebooks. It makes it fun to make plans and keep lists.


So, so useful - and easy to use! After weeks of searching for and trying out a Notes App I liked, I found this treasure! The feature I most wanted were bullets. This App not only has bullets on a basic level, but it also allows the bulleted levels to be increased and decreased. Superb! Thank you!

Notebook heaven❣️

I've used a lot of note and notebook apps but this is the best one by far. This app has a lot of flexibility and is so easy to use. Beautiful notebook covers and colors to choose from...and I love the smart cards! I just hope they don't change it too much and make it more complicated. And I can sync my notebook to my other devices.

So Buggy it Won’t Send Feedback

I downloaded this app to have a place to save writing, notes and song lyrics that I write, but on my first attempt the app did not let me paste anything, and when I tried to write text, would not allow me to select it. I am currently unable to copy/paste/italicise. I then tried to send feedback multiple times, and all I received was an error message stating: “Failed : Something went wrong on our side. Sorry about that. Please try again.” Trying again did nothing. Currently, this “notes-writing app” will not allow me to preform basic text and typing functions. These issues render the app completely useless to me, and I am now going to delete this app and find another.

Laggy + bugs + Sync issue

I’m in the grocery store, I pull out my phone I tap on the app, go to my folder and the app freezes and does not respond. I tap a few more times and finally it opens, I click on my note file I tap the checkbox to checkmark something and it freezes. I tap again on the check box to check something off my list but instead it shows the keyboard as if it thinks I’m trying to type something. Then there’s the sync issues. I have two phones and a laptop and the cross platform sync is not very reliable. I always see different things here and there and I have to figure out which one is out of sync. Please fix these issues and I will change my review but until then I’m switch to Evernote.

this app DELETED my note

So I had a set of important notes that I typed out. A day later, I decided to add another set of notes to the same notebook that the aforementioned notes were in. This notebook only had these two notes. Halfway through writing the second note, I decided to take a break and closed the second note. I clicked back to return to the homescreen where I could see all my notes and voila, that whole notebook was missing. I checked through the trash can to see if I had accidentally deleted it and the notes didn’t show up. I even dug through the app’s files on my laptop in the application support section and couldn’t find my notes to any avail. At this point, I was extremely frustrated and worried that my other notes would go missing. I decided to give Zoho notes another chance and retyped up both notes again and carefully closed my notebook once again and returned to the home page to see an overview of my notebooks. AND MY NOTES WERE MISSING AGAIN. I checked through the source files again and could not find them. I’m really angry and disappointed in this app because it had such good prospects and user design, but if my notes are just going to suddenly go missing, I can’t rely on this app. I’ve decided to migrate to Evernote instead.

Good app

I love the colors and the quotes. Setup and layout are awesome and it’s easy to use. I recommend it!

Lost my note....

First day of using this app. Wrote 3 notes, third (and most important) note was lost... Spent an hour and a half creating that note and it is no where to be found... Very disappointed. I don’t recommend this app for important notes.

Love it, except one small thing.

This may be my fault, not understanding and what not, but I use Notebook on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop. When I type on my laptop, I use the tab button before each paragraph since I write books. I may spends hours a day typing all prim and perfect, but the second I get on my phone, the work may be there, just not the tabs. I've tried spacing before I type, but it just takes that away when I leave that notecard. The app is perfect, it's just that one thing. It may just be my fault, but I don't really know. The app is wonderful though. It's one of my favorites to work with.

Organizing genius

I feel confident when using this app. I can set alarms to remind me while also having different categories to name and customize. I can put anything I want wherever I want.

Loving this app

I’ve started several notebooks: food journal, retirement notebook, sketch book and am ha ink a really good time using all of them. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to organize their thoughts and life. Syncs between my phone and iPad - I’m really glad I took a chance on this app. I love it.

Clip Notes Within A Group

Would be nice if you could clip notes within a group.

Love this app

I never rate apps but i love this app more and more each day!! ❤️

So good

This is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the basic Notes like, OMG


This is the most innovative app I have used. It has all of the features I would need and it is so easy to use! There are checklists, bullet lists, picture capability, file insert capability, and you can even change the color of your notes to make it fun! There are so many useful tools to explore as well. Great app, five stars!!

Better than Notes app

I really love this app and I've been able to delete the Notes app that comes with my iPhone because of it. I definitely prefer the notebooks and the fact that we can change the pictures to the folders that come with the regular Notes app. The only annoying bug that I've noticed is that the title sometimes disappears when you edit a note. I'm not sure if it's because I use an outside font for the title (which it does support) but it's the only thing that I wish was fixed.


Me encanta esta app es muy buena. Esto es como si yo estuviera escribiendo en un cuaderno o libro. Me encanta y la estoy usando mucho

Definitely great app!!

I was looking for an app that I could start a diary and take notes and finally after trying Day One, Microsoft”s, Evernote and even the Apple notes app, this app seems to have what I was looking for and the versatility for more. You can start a journal, change the cover to whichever picture you want, make lists, recordings, make a journal password locked. The best part is there is no monthly or yearly fee!! Evernote and Evernote are too expensive for me to be able to just empty my brain so I can organize my thoughts better.

Just what I was looking for

This ap isn’t one of those that wets your tastebuds and then makes you spend money on the “free” ap. I love the pictures I can put on my different notebooks and so far there’s no limit to the number of notebooks. I have 8 different themed books. Here’s what I’d love to know. 1. Can you move notes around within a notebook? I took chapter notes in a book but didn’t go in order. I’d like to move my chapters chronologically. 2. Can you move a notebook and place it within another one? I took notes on two books and have two separate picture notebooks. I’d like to create a notebook now for “Books” and move the two together. Again, those are ideas to make it better but it might already be possible. Love the ap tho!

Nice but too much time spent figuring it out

No idea how to change covers


Fantastic app! Wow!

Tree service Co.

Very interesting how I’m finding out of the features of this app.. constant note taking and hopefully i can keep up with this app.. 😅👍🏼👍🏼

Lost all my notes

I created a free soho account. The app got stuck syncing and I lost most of my notes and all the pictures.

Best ever!!!

With so many options and I’ve been frustrated with downloading apps and they turn out to be not useful. This is the best one I have ever came across!!!

Best app to record till date

I use it everyday from making my to do list to write my thoughts. Love the app.


Everything’s great! I love the passcode mode but it needs a way to do these two things: Delete Notebooks and Be able to chose or change the cover of your book. Thank you.


I love this app! But I would like to but my notebooks in other notebooks like to merge them together and secondly to have different themes in the app.

The Perfect Notebook

Efficient and easy to use. Thank you! 👍🏼

Excellent quality

I have to say, this app is amazing.


Not worth downloading.


I love this app. If you're a person who has a ton of things they have to accomplish daily, or just has to write things down to remember them, now you can get all of that in the palm of your hand. I just to carry a note book with me every where but my note app. On iOS didn't work for me, when I tried notebook I immediately knew that I could put up the notebook an utilize my 1300 dollar iPhone! Thank you notebook! Ashlei Key West, fl

Lots of room for improvement

This is a great app and I love the look of everything. However, I can’t really use it for my class notes because there aren’t subscripts, superscript, or exponents. If you add these three things this is possibly the greatest note taking app ever

Great for all needs

I use it all the time


Love it, Great App

Very good design!

Very good design.

100x better than pre-installed Notes app!!!

Colorful, creative and convenient. I’m currently in the process of copying all my notes from the pre-installed iPhone “Notes” app to this one! I love it!

Apple watch

The apple watch functionality doesn’t seem to work. The app doesn’t open, rather it closes itself before completely loading.


I love notebook. I use it for writing fan fiction, and having the lockable notes option helps me hide my more... explicit pieces from possible eyes. I like being able to change note color and add sketches. Just one thing: no idea if I can share my works with other Notebook users?

Update to Write/Highlight PDF?

I love this app and use it allot to Write my notes and just get my frustrations out. Only thing I wish is when I download PDF can I take notes on it. Just a little sad I have to use two apps to match my study material and notes. Hopefully you do rest this thanks😁

i’m speechless

when i got this app, it was purely to store my notes for a class i was taking. on spending some time learning about this app, however, i realized that this is a really useful app for so many more things. it’s beautifully designed, has a huge variety of different options (in both notebook covers and types of notes), and can be synced on all of your devices. it even offers passcode options to keep certain notes (or notebooks) away from prying eyes. you can even use your own photos for the notebook covers, and the photo quality is amazing. and the best part? it’s completely free! i’ve never come across a note app which has all of these amazing features and allows an unlimited amount of notes and notebooks for free. i highly recommend getting this because trust me, you will not regret it.

Good app but one suggestion

I really like this app because it helps me keep my notes for school organized and in one place. I also like this app because when you make drawings in your notes, you can make the pen different sizes and colors. One thing that I suggest is to add math symbols to make it easier for people who are using the app for their classes. Thank you!


Great to organize and separate different things


Unusable. Deleted in 10 minutes after a lot of frustration.

Love it

This app is by far my favorite note taking alternative with a dedicated app for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. This allows me to access my college notes anywhere and keeps them in sync all the time. It’s really convenient to use an Apple Pencil as well.

Love this app!

This is an amazing app. So simple and so easy to use. Lots of options. Super super happy with it. Totally gives big up Everhard! Just can not say enough positive things about this app! Love the notebooks and the options for covers and the different color choices for pages. Love its ease of use! Totally try it!

Nice app but dare not to use

It suits my needs. An more obvious undo will make it perfect.


Love this app. Efficient, time saving, and keeps things organized. One touch or tap on iPhone and my important things are at my command. Recommend trying it out!

Efficient and fun

I love this app because I like to organize my notes and to do lists. It make it very easy.

Terrible App

Please download a different notebook app. A lack of undo feature probably seems like a petty thing to use to decide whether this is a good app or not. But trust me, it’s a big thing when you make a simple mistake or accident and everything is all gone. Download something else, there’s a lot more apps out there

July 7 . 2018

i love it These is the best writing app

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