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Great App few improvements

Top wish: Would love to be able to have an option that would make the entire notebook into a PDF and not just a single item within book. Sometimes item is hard to put a check on an item to edit. It just opens each time. Would like to be able to easily go back in and edit and add texts other pictures etc. to a document after it is saved. Had difficulties with this. Would like to be able to pull things from iCloud into other devices when don’t want to use the app sync. It would be nice to have different paper patterns, lines for example. And be able to use a picture to make your own paper designs. Would like to be able to put videos in also. Would be nice to see a picture and title of the web link that is saved. Like it does when you text someone a link. Maybe each book can have a view with just the titles of each document. Maybe even a calendar that pulls in data from IOS Calendar or google calendar that you could edit Etc. and tasks connected to. This app has a lot of potential.


This works very well for me. “Notebooks” are easy to set up. Selecting different covers for each one is fun. Easy to add notes to whichever book you want, including items from internet. Everything I need minus the unnecessary hassles, like with OneNote.

Love it!

I love this app. I use it as an organizer, a PIM and a reminder.



Great App

Great app to use

Great app

I am using Notebook to replace Evernote. It is fast and clean. Thanks for making it free across all devices!


Excelente aplicación.

There is no privacy.

I attempted to deactivate all occurring sessions on devices and websites; at first, it looked like it was deactivated, but then I refreshed the page and the application... behold! I still had complete access. I feel violated.

Would be great but...

I love it when it works! The last few times I have tried to use it once I open the app two blank white pages pop up then I can do nothing but force close the app. If there is a way to fix this, please let me know and I will adjust my rating. Thanks!!


I love the app but i need yall to listen please i hate how when u do bullets or numbers they are so far apart from the text above its to much of a huge space i dont like that and we cant change the space or how far. Its automatically huge gap and it dont look nice unless im doing all bullet points ans nunbers

Design is good. Execution leaves much room for improvement

I recently migrated 1.5GB of notes from Evernote to this solution. The iOS application has been syncing for days, and a lot of the syncing code is happening on the main thread. This causes the app to lock up and crash. It’s going to be unusable for days until it finishes syncing. Additionally, I don’t want to have to store 1.5 GB of notes on my device.

I accidentally deleted my authorization app and can’t sign in

Please help me I cannot log in

Unable to retrieve notes

A couple of weeks ago the app on my iPad started having issues. When I opened the app it would display my notes but then to a white screen. I could clear the app and then it would work. However this week it will not pull up the notes. I see them but it will not allow me to open and then a white screen covers them. How can I get my notes? Also is it possible to sync my iPad and phone?


Love this app! My go to organizer as well as reminder and shopping list etc


Sometimes when I copy and past an article from the web, the formatting gets messed up with the text size. I’d be great if there was an option to manually resize text.

The best free note taking app.

No advertisements to take away from the experience and no pestering of upgrading to premium. Thank you! One request: Can you guys please add video attachments?

No lines to write on . No customization of notebook designs,

Horrible, using ipencil is not good wit this app if there is no lines to write on. Does not illustrate notebook only the cover design. Overall, Not a good app. I don’t leave ratings but this app is really disappointing.. plain.

Toolbar missing

Since the latest iOS update (v12), the text formatting toolbar disappeared on my iPad Air2. Even after closing/reopening Notebook, and restarting my iPad, the toolbar is still missing.


Great app. But since the last update when I open my app it redirects to a blank white screen and does nothing. Please fix this issue if possible.

I want to marry this app

So this is hands down the most useful app on my phone. It’s great that it’s free! I’d be willing to pay for it because it’s wonderful! I keep notebooks on all my family members and take pictures of important documents and just paste them in. It’s so easy to find needed information now.

The app deleted my notes

It has happened 3 times already. My notes just disappeared.

Super App!!

Easy & beaty

Fixed problem right away!!

I am totally impressed by the support I got when the app wouldn’t open. They helped me to access all my notes on their website, while the app was being updated to address my issue. Thank you!

Good ok



It is quite rare I find an application as seamless as this one. With the incorporation of productivity and writing use. This app is top notch. Without the gimmicks of limitations if you purchase something within the app or having to pay for it. This one comes free. Therefore, giving this a 5 star rating which I rarely do. Amazing application all around and the intricate coding that has gone into this application is a must get to have...whether it be for school, work or just something to journal in. This app has it all. From adding attached files and pictures to voice recordings within your notebook. By far the best I have seen free in a long time if not ever.

Best App for notes!

If you live by notes you will live by this app!

It is very practical and easy to use

Perfect for keeping random bought sand inspirations from going to wastes!!!

Sync doesn’t work

If you only use this app on one device, I recommend it. Nice interface, handy. All good. Unfortunately, I need the ability to sync across several devices, and it simply doesn’t do that reliably. I have several apps that do sync well, so I know it can be done. I’ll probably keep a copy on my iPad, to remind me in hopes that the sync problem gets fixed eventually. But for now it will get extremely limited use. That’s disappointing. I *really* like it otherwise, and would love to give it 5 stars.

Doesn't work

I have to get this thing to work all night, and all I've been getting are "400 Bad Request" and "Oops something went wrong on our side, try again" messages. Tried again (and again), got the same messages again (and again). Frustrating, especially because this looks like it might be cool if it was actually operational.


I love everything except for the fact start you off with one with one notebook and it’s really ugly and I think that you should come up with more decorative covers


The app deleted itself from my phone! I can’t believe you can’t even create accounts for this app. I had passwords and sketches and designs on there. I had important information school too. Very disappointed.

Zoho Stands Out!

You've got to slow down the pace! I can't go EVERYTHING I WANT TO with one tool before you introduce another fabulous app!

Love this app!

I am a teacher and I use this app for daily to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. It has seriously been a life changer for me... Much easier than having millions of post-its stuck everywhere! I do wish it had some sort of undo button, because there are several times I’ve accidentally deleted things when copying and pasting. I also wish that all of the iPhone emojis would show up correctly on it (I think it’s the newer ones that don’t). Other than those small issues, it’s the best!

Best free app ever

I had to use android phone for a while & I had to find an alternative to native notes app of apple The app was powerful,fast,more personal with the ability to personalize cover photos for notebooks,more secure with the ability to lock the whole app or certain notebooks,syncing with mac app was amazing & guess what it's completely free

Finally ...

I don’t usually write reviews for apps. Not because I’m lazy though I am but because mom always said if you can’t say something good; don’t say anything at all. I have downloaded and/or paid for >1000 apps. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to productivity/to do apps, I’m the champ. And this app is my prize. It’s simple, straightforward, and conducive to the matter of organization. Imagine that. It doesn’t shove me into a deep dark pit of frustration. It doesn’t bore me to tears. It doesn’t give me a migraine or produce bouts of anxiety from the idea of opening it. Like organizing a spice rack, it makes life simpler because it does what a productivity app is supposed to do. And the random display of thought-provoking quotes and eye-catching art elevates this app, transporting me to a Parisian café (not Au bon pain). Good job.

The best note-taking app you can find for FREE

This app makes note taking really fun and exciting. It has one of the most beautiful interface I have ever seen on a note app. It is very customizable which is awesome and it makes the experience more personal. I only wish that the app was as fast and responsive like Apple's. Maybe it's because I use the iPhone 6s

One of the Best Apps I’ve Ever Used

I decided to start taking notes on my iPad, but I didn’t want to pay $10 for an app that may or not work. I tried so many free apps but they all had either really annoying ads, 4 colors to choose from, or had a limit of how many pages you could have. This app has no ads, as many pages as you want, every color and pen width, super easy to use, and not to mention is FREE! I take notes, doodle, draw in general super easily with any color I want. I never review apps but this one deserves it.

No way to export text - why?

This app is lovely, but for my purposes it's fatally flawed: Notebook is not intended to be an all-features word processor, so logic would suggest that you'd include a way to export the text you write to such a word processor for formatting, finishing, publishing. But you can't. All you can do is cut and paste the text, and that means any real formatting gets garbled. Is this an effort to prevent us from using any other app alongside Notebook? It's having that effect--as in, it's driving me to quit using this otherwise delightful app.


Notebook is quite handy and versatile for everything from grocery lists to conference notes.

Great, except one disappointing glitch

This app is amazing for notes and keeping stuff organized. The only problem I have with it is saving notes to other apps. For example, I tried to save an app to Pinterest and it said “Oops! We couldn’t find anything to save.” What’s up with that?

I want to love it so bad...

But it just doesn’t work properly on iPad. I have last year’s model, so that’s not the issue. Whenever you try to scroll or select or write in edit mode within a document, it is extremely buggy, part of the screen goes blank and will blink rapidly, not move, not select, etc.. Very frustrating. The interface is beautiful, but the functionality just isn’t there yet. Definitely hope to update this review if it becomes useable.

Very Nice So Far - So Good!

I just started to used this app today. I like what I see so far, but a few other features would make it perfect. Maybe more covers that not associated with "Holidays" not everyone associates with them. Also maybe a option to make your own covers. Also I SEEN a app that lets you put other subpages in the existence page or project your working on. I want to work on a Spiritual Project where I can add in addition notes, pages or comments attached in that one project. Also another nice feature would be, that you can stack all current or relative projects or pages associated in the one project your working on, and not necessarily have them in separated pages unless you want that way. A Tree or Tier like feature would be nice. And PDF creator and iCloud connection and email option would be icing on the cake. Other then those suggestions, I do like it so far and will be testing it out further to give an update on app in the future. Thank you developers for making an easy and simple app for others to enjoy.

One of the more disappointing productivity apps in recent memory

You would think a note taking app would be fairly self-explanatory with no weird pitfalls or weird habits to get used to or what have you. This app for some reason just seems to hit me and all the wrong areas. Nothing makes sense or seems productive at all, and every time I tried to make myself use it… I couldn’t commit to this because this has a subscription associated with it… Not a one time purchase like normal apps so I couldn’t just go out it willy-nilly. I sat down and had to force myself to try and use and couldn’t do it. I would look at the recent award winner agenda for the Mac and the plethora of other note taking apps on here that are not only easy to use, great to look at but if they cost anything it’s a one time fee.

Updated Review

The app is now working on the iPad. The app is great but I gave it 3 stars before. Now it works on everything every bit of 5 stars

Great APP

Love it! Exactly what I have been searching for. Flexible and you can even design your own book cover.

Glitches, Glitches everywhere

This app will immediately delete every image that I try to paste into it. It will also randomly scroll all over the place and the web app doesn’t match what’s on the iOS app and it will randomly add spaces into my text. I am very disappointed by this.

Synching went ok

I gave this a 5 Star because it loads webpages seamlessly on my iPad. I didn’t have any trouble seeing the website. I’ve only done one but so far, great! However, I thought you should know that the app did crash on my phone when I finished signing in. Fortunately, when I reopened the app , it continued synching. I hope to continue feeling this confident about your app so please keep it this way. Don’t delete the cool features and put them on a paid version like Other Note taking developers have done! (Don’t mean to sound so grouchy!) Your app is awesome!

Can’t use app

This app keeps saying it’s syncing and won’t let me do anything. I can’t even report a problem through the app because it freezes.

Very User Friendly

I finally found an app that really love. It is so easy to use, so intuitive and provides the ability to share my notes via email or just printing them! Oh, and I have all the features to format my notes, choose, colors, fonts etc. This is all I need in my iPad (forget Word, OneNote, teal) Thanks

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