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Won’t save

I had made a list got off of it and went back on now I don’t have it anymore

Highlights and Syncing:

My notes will not sync! And my highlights will not save. Please fix this when you can! Please. Thank you. Suggestion: Allow grouping notes within a group. Allow unlimited notes in a group.

Terrific App

So many uses and it’s beautiful as well. I really like it.

Awesome! I have no suggestions!

This app is amazing for notes and keeping stuff organized. Especially since it’s free! Now I can move all my notes to one place, and it even syncs between devices! Thank you so much for making this app! 😄

Review of Notebook

It is so convenient to start a project when an idea strikes, then email the notes to a different project as needed. I love it. I use it to send basic info packets to new renters and I don’t have to recreate the info. It’s easy to update as needed

Simply Amazing

I use this for note taking, but also for project checklists, and it is a nice, minimalist way to stay su-er organized. Works great on all apple devices.


Options are cool. Lost all notes somehow but must have been operator error. I’d recommend this app because it has more options that notes and it’s free.

Notebook image

It would be great to change the notebook image!

Love it 😍

Awesome tool for notes. Enjoy app very much❤️

Just got this app...

I’m not tech savvy but need something to help me plan a cruise and I’m finding this app very user friendly and intuitive. I’m spreading the word to friends and family.

Love it, but•••

Love the way it navigates & has all the elements I need including pin protection, but is this site secure enough to use password info with the pin #. I would like some of the input from old users or maybe the developers. This is the best I've used so far. This is an update. I have like the way it functions & navigates. I have used it for several months & has work fine till now. Every time I copy or paste it gets jumping around, hopping back to the top, or completely jumps off the page. I have a lot of info on this app I can't afford to lose. It could be a deal breaker. Since I seem to be the only one doing reviews, could you pls correct it. Sorry about my remark about reviews. O went in & seen you had quite a few reviews.


Longer text notes glitch, it’s freezes and won’t scroll to the bottom of the page and you have to repeatedly rub up and down the screen to get it to scroll. 🤬🤬🤬

Needs Improvement

- There needs to be SOME way to further organize and categorize notes beyond simply a single notebook. Pinned notes are always a popular go-to. Tags or labels of course would be wonderful, but perhaps difficult to work into Notebook's concept and aesthetic. Sub-notebooks (similar to how Evernote's Stacks/Notebook works) would be a less ideal solution (especially since Notebook only offers one way to view notebooks, which isn't practical for viewing subfolders), but still better than, you know... absolutely nothing. - Syncing needs MASSIVE improvement. After waiting 12 hours for Notebook to sync on my iPad (it just froze and never made any progress), the only way I was able to get syncing to work decently on my phone and tablet was to delete Notebook first, then redownload and resync the app afresh, which means Notebook has the problem of if there's a new, large import of notes at some point after the app has already started being used (in this case, under 1000 mostly-text notes imported to the desktop from Evernote), it DOES NOT want to sync those new notes. - Get rid of the obnoxiously massive line heights and huge line breaks within notes. Nobody wants automatic, enormous line heights in their notes, nor automatic line breaks where previously there were, you know... no line breaks. At the very least, provide a settings option to let users decide for themselves. - Separate notebook and note sorting. It's completely unnecessary that marking notes as sorting by, say, modification date, or alphabetically, is completely mirrored by the notebooks themselves. Just add a settings toggle to separate these two things. The fact notebooks only resort themselves after the app has been opened and closed (and notes only resort themselves after the notebook has been opened and closed) isn't great, either. - Allow for longer note titles. Why is there such an arbitrarily short character limit in the title section? - Make note color options more consistent! It's utterly maddening that for EACH platform (desktop, tablet, phone, etc.), the default color options and the recently used color options are different. Even more baffling is that yes, some of the default note color choices are available across various platforms... but not all of them??? And if I try to create a color to be used, not only does that unique color not persist across platforms, I don't have any way to save it AT ALL--once it's gone from the recent colors menu, it's just gone forever, and there doesn't seem to be a way to color-pick from a previous note. - Allow for search / search & replace within notes? It's so weird that I can't do something as basic as searching the text within a note. - I've only observed this on iPhone so I don't know how persistent the problem is, but there needs to be more consistency in what counts as "modifying" a note and thus bringing it to the top of 'View All Notes' or the top of a notebook when sorting by modification date. Thus far, some notes will randomly be considered "modified" simply by viewing them, while others have to be physically edited in order to be considered modified. - Provide move and delete options to notes on the Mac when only one note has been clicked on. Right now those options only appear when multiple notes are selected. - In general, make the Mac app more consistent with the iOS apps? There are so many basic things the Mac app still lacks--like being able to switch between card and list view, to name but one example. There doesn't seem to be a "View All Notes" option on the desktop, either. - Provide a way to change text color. That's pretty basic. - There's a bug on mobile where it's impossible to remove a highlight, especially after you've already closed a note. Trying to reselect the text and toggling highlight on/off does nothing. The highlight is just a permanent fixture now, short of individually selecting each line separately and removing the highlight that way. - Provide RTF support when copy/pasting? I mean, it imports formatted information from Evernote, and you can set italics and bold and whatnot, so it's not like Notebook is a plain text app. Why does copy/pasting RTF both with the menubar applet AND directly into a note within the app strip all formatting? (While, of course, adding all those enormous line heights and line breaks...) - Similarly, it should be possible to copy/paste in images, in both the menubar applet and directly into a new note within the app. Many notetaking apps provide copy/paste support within new notes (not everyone wants to drag and drop.) And even Evernote's menubar app, which does also strip formatting information like Notebook, at least can preserve a copy/pasted image and therefore, makes itself more useful. - On desktop, if you start to create a note and then change your mind about it... provide a cancel option? Instead of just, nope, this note is being created now whether you like it or not, delete it afterwards. - As with font colors, providing some other font options would be ideal, like providing a way to change font size within a particular note. - More views for notes/notebooks would be nice. Just swapping between grid and list view is pretty basic, especially considering it still requires hopping between one notebook and the next, without even being able to view the other notebooks at the same time. This is why I figure subfolders probably wouldn't work, since there'd be no way to view multiple subfolders at once. But the notes themselves could do with more view options than just "square" and "rectangle." - Web view of notes? Yes? So you can access notes even on a computer that doesn't have Notebook installed? That'd be great. - Clicking and dragging notes between notebooks would be fabulous, but WOULD require being able to view multiple notebooks at a time, a prevailing missing feature in Notebook. I could go on, and there's stuff I like about Notebook too, but I've hit the character limit for reviews.


After waiting 3 hours for my 187 Evernote notes to migrate, I finally was able to open Zoho Notebook. I tapped on the note I needed and the app crashed. I tried again and had the same result. I rebooted the phone (5s) and had the same result. I’d love to try this app but it doesn’t seem to want to work. Disappointing.

Love this app!

Simple. Easy. Beautiful. Love it.

Deleted notes without deleting????

I written important notes but one day when trying access it was gone. Everything blank.


It’s alright need some work

Don’t Upgrade ...

If you have anything valuable in the app. Since the last update my app just crashes every timeI try to launch it. I have rebooted and reinstalled and still can’t get the app to launch. I once again deleted the app and reinstalled and now it is working. Text is still occasionally wonky and you can’t collaborate on a note like OneNote. Add collaboration and my review goes to 5 Stars.



Won’t sync

Good app but it won’t sync between devices. Hope I’m missing something because it has potential for Apple Watch users.

Cant share my notes anywhere

I wish i could share and open my notes in other apps, save them as .pdf files.

Wouldn’t open

Worked fine than wouldn’t open I thought I had it backed up which it shows but apparently the data’s gone nice!

absolutely amazing.

well this app is INCREDIBLE. I don't have one negative thing to say about it, it is just right.👌🏼 it's cute and fun to write notes in and works awesome.😄 a win-win situation‼️

it works!

simple, efficient, and beautifully designed!

Just started

It is so far cool but I just started to use this like today the first day I tried it out cause I hate having to always buy a notebook to write my thought n another for my plans n goals like this is a perfect all n one n this is get but the only thing that I don’t like so far is the fact that I can write n like it under the folder n just out n about that it


I’m literally so dumb. The notes wasn’t in my notebook so I didn’t know. ;-; ok nvm


This is it!! Years of searching for a perfect note app and this one is pretty close!!! Almost exactly what I was looking for!! Here are couple of suggestions... 1. Swipe left or right for previous/next card. Right now we can only click cancel to go back one screen. 2. When creating a card, we should have option to send it to the bottom or anywhere we want immediately instead of hold and drag drag drag... Looking forward to many years with this app! :)


This app is the best in the App Store. NEVER GET A DIFFERENT ONE!!

Way better than JRNL!!!!!

This app is so much better than JRNL because you don’t have to worry about anyone snooping in your business and you don’t have to worry about nasty comments even if your account is set to private and the awesome thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about paying for a traditional hardcover book with your writings or pictures. I WOULD STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE WHO LIKES TO WRITE ABOUT THEIR DAY OR ANYTHING THEY WANT!!!!!!

Can’t Open on my iPhone...

Something happened with the last update and I cannot open the app to access my notes...

Easy and pretty

This app is amazing! Use it for work or personal matters.

Perfect for me

Love it!


I tried to sign up for this app, and it won’t let me put my email address in it asked for a valid address, what makes mine not?

Very dependable

Always can rely on my info being here; like the fact you can insert pictures, bold lettering specific notes still finding new feature from time to time since installing it & also like the fact locking certain area notes are a definite plus.

What happened?

I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now, but ever since the latest update, it erases my notes. I’ll type numerous paragraphs of information, close the document out, only to have the information wiped clean. It’s done this a few times in the last couple of weeks. I’m at my limit. If it happens again, I’ll have to find a different app, one that actually keeps my information. Please fix!!!

Super handy

I use this for recipes that I can’t remember and it helps me out a LOT also it is an awesome app to use on the go


Use this app almost daily! Since I use Apple, Android, and Windows, it’s not easy to find functional and useful apps that sync across all devices and operating systems. THIS DOES !!!


Hands down the best notebook app I have ever used. You can make as many notebooks as you want, you can customize those notebooks and you can even set reminders! You can color code your notebooks and add as many pages as possible which is super convenient for me because I like to write short stories, so it helps keep me organized. Although I love this app, one suggestion I would make is indenting. Whenever I indent, the app always undo it. Maybe that’s not the format this app has, but it would be cool if it added it.

Very nice

Would be great to be able to share notebooks. I hear it’s coming hoping sooner than later!

Loved and then...

I loved this app so much. I used it for everything. The past few days have been annoying though and I haven’t even used it. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or an update but when using checkpoints in a list I can no longer update or change the checkpoint itself, when I tap on the item it simply checks or unchecks the box. Not functional and pretty frustrating when trying to make a change.

So Upset.

I’ve been using this app since the beginning of the school year, and it’s been amazing. I take notes for almost half of my classes with it. It can get a bit slow at times, and sometimes lags while taking pictures, buto ther than that it’s a great app. Then JUST today, I went back onto the app a few minutes after making a new note, and all of a sudden the app STARTED OVER! All of my notes, collectively taken over the span of six months, are GONE. I am extremely dissappointed and shocked that this had happened so recently.


I am so excited about this app! I have downloaded and deleted so many note and flash card apps because they just didn’t have the capabilities I needed. This app does all that I’d hoped and more. So far I’ve used it for note taking while reading a textbook (and have been able to take pix of graphs and diagrams to include in my notes - yay!) and can see where it will have applications beyond what I originally downloaded it for. Great app!


Very frustrating app. I just wanted an organized check list but instead I got uneven spacing and weird gaps in text. I wanted to highlight specific items on my list and was unable to. It is marketed as easy to use and organized. Not true?

Disappointed 😢

This was my favorite diary app ever! Now it is awful!!!!!!!!!. You can’t change colors or add pictures!!!! I am very disappointed. I have 10 journals and I cannot add anything! What is going on ? Please fix☹️☹️☹️☹️

Great app fits every need I have or will have

I’ve had this app for about 2 months now and love it I even recommended it to a friend who now uses it as well. I plan on going to college someday and this will be great for when I take that step. Don’t be fooled though this app can be used for so much more then that, although I haven’t played with then yet there are checklist and scanner functions. Not to mention this app is 100% free that’s huge for an app with so many different uses. This app is so personal you can create individual notebooks and use your favorite pictures as the covers. The notes app that comes standard with Apple products does the job but the problem with it is if u need to keep certain notes private you have to lock them one by one, with this app you have the option to lock individual notes within a notebook or you can create a passcode and lock entire notebooks, and that same passcode can unlock the entire app after up to ten minutes just the same way a passcode on your phone this app locks and unlocks the exact same way. If u download this app I promise you won't regret it!!!

Very impressive - how is this app free!?!

The features are incredible and it is so easy to organize my notes, prose, poetry, recipes, whatever it is I need to save. This app is a million times better than Evernote, which is bloated and ugly and inefficient. I used Evernote for a year and all the while it was nothing but a hassle. Also, Evernote was painfully slow. The features of this app, however, are very intuitive and efficient. I love that you can group notes together by pinching them together *or* by doing a long press. If you want to ungroup them, but just pinch them apart and voila, out of the group. I could go on and on about the features of this app but there are so many cool and *useful* features that I don't have the time or space to do so. It is free! I would happily pay top dollar for this app but it's FREE. Give it a try, and if you're currently using Evernote and decide you like this app better (you will), there's an option to import all of your Evernote stuff. Definitely well worth it to give this app a try.


Appreciate the updates! 5 Stars!

Very Good note app

It reminds me of Google Keep’s but better with more functionality.

Not the average Notebook app!

***Update*** 5/9/2018 I originally gave this app 5 stars. I still absolutely love the app. In hindsight I would like to point out that my 5 stars contains heavy weight from the amazing, unique appearance and superior ability to customize the app’s look to suite you. I still agree with that. I also think it’s missing key features as mentioned in my original review. The reason I dropped stars off is because of the lack of support, or acknowledgment from the support team. I have emailed several times with suggestions, I don’t expect them to act on immediately. I also emailed them regarding an issue/ glitch I kept dealing with, where if I am typing, whether making a list or paragraph, and I move the cursor up just to make a small adjustment, or maybe I want to add a sentence/line, it’s nearly impossible because the cursor jumps to places on its own. Especially if you try to glance at another screen and resume typing, I would pick up typing where I left off, only to realize I was typing in a completely different place than where I left the cursor. Lastly- i have had this app for a long time. I don’t write reviews often. I am a very techy person, my career is of a very strong background in telecommunications. I deal with every aspect of phone from every angle. I also love testing apps. Especially the ones that offer a new feature or capability that I haven’t seen before. I currently have 380 apps on my iPhone now, my iTunes history shows I have previously downloaded over a thousand different apps to my phone. I don’t know why I do it, I just enjoy trying them out. Whether they’re notebooks, banking or shopping. It doesn’t matter. I just like trying new apps. That being said, I should write more reviews & i say all of this because I have had this notebook app for a very long time now. Since then, I have successfully referred over 20 long-term users. Since I downloaded this app, I have been bombarded with offers to refer people. I can’t remember the original offer but the second offer was to get a special handmade pen & notebook as a gift for referring people. It didn’t have any terms. I don’t know if it was a one-time deal per account. I would assume so, Idk what I would do with 20 notebooks and pencils... either way, I will never know because I never received a single one. I went back and confirmed people were using them. There was no minimum number of referrals or anything that I could tell. I contacted support about that also and never received a response. I didn’t refer people solely to get a notebook and now they’ve removed that offer. It just says you’ll get a “gift.” Well if you have gotten any gift from Zoho please let me know on facebook! If you want to tell me your experience with their support team or their refer-a-friend program, you can find at *www, dot, Facebook, dot, com, forward slash, starspangledsam and tell me your story. I have a blog I sometimes write reviews on. Maybe this is an issue I am having alone, but if it’s more than just me , I would like to know also. Hopefully this app can be a 5 Star app again in the future. 11/28/17Most times iPhone users download a notepad/notebook app, the expectations are fairly similar... a page that looks like paper, a simple way to organize the notes, a few generic templates, and if you’re lucky maybe an extra font or background color. They are all fairly bland in the same ways. I came across Zoho’s Notebook app when I ran into their documents app looking for something to easily fill forms and send them for e-signatures without a hefty price tag, because the average person doesn’t need a business plan. I was also thrilled with their plan options and other apps as well but that’s for another review. The Notebook app brings a whole new level of customization to Notebook apps on Apple devices. I’m sure it’s fairly similar on Androids as well. Anyone else using an iPhone knows that we LOVE our phones. Most iPhone users are Lifers, and we breathe the brand, while defending it to the bitter end. However; we can all agree that we are starving for the ability to personalize our iPhone experience. We dream of the day that we can change the iOS font, or pick a home-screen theme. The key to catering to an iPhone user, is the ability to customize as much as possible because that’s the only thing Apple seems to slack on. It’s gotten slightly better but not by much. While we aren’t missing out on any features or functionality, the option of personalization is a priority for some users, like myself. I prefer handwritten fonts over computer style fonts, I would like the option of changing icon colors so that I can see them better. That’s where Zoho excels. Not just with the Notebook app, but with every app I have seen thus far that Zoho has published. The ability to create multiple notebooks, with multiple different notebook cover photos, to changing the organization and even grouping certain items together. This might be the first app I’ve used that I haven’t attempted to do something I wasn’t able to do. I have been pleasantly surprised with all of Zoho’s work, and I’m saddened that my free trial on the other apps is almost over. However: I will continue my work with their apps and I hope I continue to see more from Zoho. I’m not sure how long these apps or Zoho has been in the market but I am disappointed that it took so long to find these apps. I’ve searched hundreds of times for one of many of the apps Zoho provides but I had never seen one until recently. The search function seems to leave it out for some reason. I also hope in the future there might be some sort of “import” option. I have almost 200 notes in the Apple Notes app. That would take a lifetime to transfer over. An import option would make life much easier.

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